Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2005’

The B-Chalf Hat


To backtrack a few weeks to the Ohio State game, I met up with my brother Pete and his friends Jack and Chris from Niskayuna. Obviously not a coincidence that his friends picked the Ohio State game and the OAR concert weekend to visit. As I’m in Stephens Hall with them hanging out, I notice Jack’s hat. Strangest thing I’ve …

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Hello Happy Halloween boo!


It’s almost that time of year for Tim Allen. Did any of you watch Home Improvement back in the day? When Halloween rolled around we always knew what to expect. First that Wilson would have some extravagant costume that would cover everything BUT his mouth. More importantly whenever Tim answered the phone, instead of “hello” he’d say “hello happy halloween …

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What exactly is an Illini?


Well what exactly is a Nittany Lion? It refers to the mountain lions that once roamed nearby Mount Nittany. Makes sense, yeah? So what would you say an Illinois Illini is? I’m happy to say that Illinois never had a chance to show us. Sporting our rough and tough mobile quarterback Michael Robinson, the Penn State Nittany Lions racked up …

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A History of Violence


I’m not even going to bring up the Penn State game this weekend because so many little things could be argued. It’s not about the loss since we’re still #12 at 6-1. Derrick Williams, the #1 recruit in the country, breaking his left arm toward the end of the game is a problem though. Williams will sit for the rest …

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By far that was the best weekend of my life. My brother and I got up bright and early on Friday to be in the audience for Cold Pizza live on ESPN2. It aired 8:00am til 10:00 but we got there at 6:30am to get a good spot. It was still dark out and there was already a decent crowd, …

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From 22 to Cold Pizza


To bring everyone up to date, Penn State is 5-0 and ranked #16 in the nation. Tomorrow we face #6 Ohio State here in Happy Valley. The Pennsylvania State Police along with all the nearby law enforcement have been called over because the forecast seems to be rainy with a 100% chance of riots. By far this is our biggest …

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