Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2006’

The Chief


Not much to say this morning- everything’s just been slowing down. We’re not filming this weekend but I still have work and plenty of other things I have to do. This is the first weekend with no form of football, college or NFL, since back in September. That could be why it’s dragging a bit. The weather was absolutely beautiful …

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An Ode to Corporal Hicks


Cpl. Dwayne Hicks. One of the greatest Marines ever to exist in all of fiction, played to perfection by Michael Biehn. Personally I think he’s the ideal hero. He’s good with kids, he cares about innocent life and he can hold his own against Xenomorphs. If you haven’t seen James Cameron’s ALIENS, you’re really missing out. While it’s just one …

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Maximum Overdrive


I realize it’s been about three weeks since the last update but believe me, if I had the time, I’d update much more often. Instead I’m held to senior film, class and work taking up much of life. Classes are alright this semester; a basic set of what I need to graduate in May. Advanced English, Bio-Behavioral Health, Aerospace and …

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Happy New Year!


If you recall Lewis Black: It’s the same load of crap with a 2 in the front! No flying cars! No flying cars! It’s almost back to Penn State for me so consider me happy. I had quite an enjoyable New Years for once; usually they’re boring and lonely. Although of course it snows a foot in a matter of …

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