Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2006’

Jack Bauer Power Hour


Time to play a quick game of catch-up. I was home for few days last week- luckily during the finale of 24. I find comfort in knowing there will be three more years of 24 but it took a little of the suspense away. Having two straight hours is a lovely way to end the fifth season. We all speculated …

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Frank Clemente


One of the better professors I had during my stay at Penn State was Frank Clemente. He serves as an acting legend; teaching easily the most well known and most recommended class to be taken. The class is Soc 005- and yes I realize it’s not the most appetizing title- but originally I almost passed up The Shawshank Redemption for …

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


One of my favorite movies last year slipped under the radar for most of America. It had a limited release and advertising campaign so I figured I would help it out. If you take Val Kilmer as a gay cop and Robert Downey Jr as a criminal pretending to be an actor, you know you’ve got an interesting flick. Add …

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Welcome to the Pride


I’m now a Penn State Alumni. No more student working towards a degree; I possess a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. It’s a scary and strange feeling to not be in school anymore. Since as far back as I can remember I’ve been enrolled somewhere, always knowing what next year entailed. Luckily I’m staying in State College working on a …

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Logan is less guilty than Bush


Just a little 24 humor… I realize there haven’t been many blog updates but it’s shiny cause of the many film and photo updates. I’ve got a lot of films to upload so keep your eyes open. You may even see my acting skills. I’ve got lots to put down and tell but it’ll have to wait. Graduation is Saturday, …

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