RIP Chalfiniti


The Chalfiniti is no longer with us. Early on Thursday morning, the 15th of February, the left rear caliper seized itself in the locked position permanently. With a lot of unplowed snow on the road, I made a James Bond emergency turn and safely got off the road. A nightmare and a half later, I knew I needed a new car. After a lot of research and test driving, The Chalfiniti went in and out came my new 2007 Mazda3.

Quite honestly that’s just turning a frown upside down. It was the craziest and most stressful week in a while. It also involves switching my NY license to a PA license, getting new insurance, and signing over the title of the old car which I didn’t have. I’m still stuck in the middle of some of it, but I hope to have it settled by the end of the weekend.

I still don’t have a digital camera but here’s some taken with my phone:

My baby

My baby at night

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