Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2011’

Lucky Numbers


A real fortune I got from New China takeout in Niskayuna, NY. I tried calling the Lucky Numbers to see if it was a phone number just in case…

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Can They Do That?


A Far Side comic had two soldiers hiding behind a Medieval castle wall as an army approached and began to attack. THE FIRST TIME ARROWS WERE LIT ON FIRE DURING BATTLE said the caption at the bottom of the strip. One defender was crouched while the other was peering over the wall explaining what he was seeing. He had a …

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What You Know


It wasn’t a good weekend for ID’s. Nicole’s coming to visit. Kristi’s coming too. Kristi’s not coming. Smerg and Maria are coming also too. Now Kristi is as well. Friday? Thursday. No, Friday. But Nicole Thursday. Hmph. I just roll with it. But going back to Fri night, around 6pm everyone had gathered at my house with the exception of Colleen …

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