Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2011’

Two Door Cinema Club


Is it strange that my first college story has to do with almost burning down my dorm TWICE the first week of my freshman year? Yeah didn’t think so either, it is college after all. When going to college you’ve got dozens of things on your mind, one of the more popular being what your roommate is going to be …

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The Keep


It’s Spring 2006 and second semester of senior year at Penn State. On track to graduate with a few credits still needed, plus a couple minor requirements left like taking English 202 and a Health class. Many took these classes freshmen year but I wanted to dig into Film straight away. The flip side of this plan was to leave …

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Attack the Block


The house didn’t burn down after the first house party so why not have another? And so it was decided that May 28th, 2011 would be the next house party. The real benefit this time around? It was during Summer instead of during Winter, meaning we could be out on the patio. And wouldn’t you know it? Instead of the …

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