Big McLargeHuge


It’s a big blonde main character named David Ryder who’s like Dolph Lungren’s idiot brother. They’ve got dozens of names for him so I thought to make a complication of them. If you’re a fan of MST3K or Rifftrax check this one out. It’s Season 8 Episode 20 “Space Mutiny”.

  • Slab Bulkhead
  • Flint Ironstag
  • Bolt Vanderhuge
  • Thick McRunfast
  • Blast Hardcheese
  • Trunk Slamchest
  • Fist Rockbone
  • Stump Beefknob
  • Smash Lambchop
  • Punch Rockgroin
  • Buck Plankchest
  • Stump Chunkman
  • Dirk Hardpeck
  • Rip Steakface
  • Slate Slabrock
  • Crud Bonemeal
  • Brick Hardmeat
  • Touch Rustrod
  • Reef Blastbody
  • Big McLargeHuge
  • Smoke Manmuscle
  • Feet Punchbeef
  • Hack Blowfist
  • Whip Slagcheek
  • Punch Sideiron
  • Gristle McThornbody
  • Slate Fistcrunch
  • Buff Hardback
  • Bob Johnson
  • Blast Thickneck
  • Crunch Buttsteak
  • Slam Squadthrust
  • Lump Beefbroth
Sting, Debbie Reynolds and God

Sting, Debbie Reynolds and God

It’s Sting, Debbie Reynolds and God!

If you’d like to see more including highlights from the film CLICK HERE


  1. Mike10-25-2011

    definitely one of the best MST3K’s ever

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