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Sheetz vs Wawa


According to, Niskayuna is: A very rich town near Schenectady in Upstate NY. Most people here make great money, but not everyone. The houses range from small apartments to huge ass mansions. All the kids here are stereotypical and predictable, living out the fantasies of their favorite brain-rotting MTV garbage. They spend their time drinking, doing drugs, and speeding …

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DSC 19841

My first outing to Las Vegas with my family was in 1994 when my brother and I were 9 and 11 respectively. At the time Vegas had become very family oriented and all the casinos had been outfitted with elaborate arcades. We had an amazing time and subsequent vacations there followed. But there was one thing that always stood out …

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Port Sky Cafe


This is going to sound really mean, especially for me, but keep in mind we had good reason. It’s another story from first floor Maple Hall, freshman year at Penn State. TJ’s cousin, who’s name escapes me, was in the military and while on leave came to stay with him for the weekend. We had a great floor and were …

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Two Door Cinema Club


Is it strange that my first college story has to do with almost burning down my dorm TWICE the first week of my freshman year? Yeah didn’t think so either, it is college after all. When going to college you’ve got dozens of things on your mind, one of the more popular being what your roommate is going to be …

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The Keep


It’s Spring 2006 and second semester of senior year at Penn State. On track to graduate with a few credits still needed, plus a couple minor requirements left like taking English 202 and a Health class. Many took these classes freshmen year but I wanted to dig into Film straight away. The flip side of this plan was to leave …

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