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The Rock Obama


What happened? You made Barack Obama angry. When you make Barack Obama angry, he becomes… The Rock Obama. This season of Saturday Night Live has been without a doubt the best in a decade. Every episode has performed well above average and I find myself excited for every Saturday. One thing you can bank on is that if Dwayne “The …

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Rock Band


After having just finished playing Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield f0r Guitar Hero, my first time ever playing the game, I knew I had to get it. Of course it took me about three months before I actually went through with it. Eventually I settled on Rock Band 2 because of the song list and DLC. No way I’m going to pass …

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The Denver Broncos took little time aligning seven candidates to replace Mike Shanahan. After the initial interviews they took even less time deciding who to hire the new head coach. It turned out to be 32 year old Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels. Many of the finalists for the job were defensive minds however McDaniels was too good to pass …

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Cutler Shanahan1

As of yesterday Mike Shanahan is no longer the coach of the Denver Broncos after 14 years, ending the second longest tenure with a single team in the NFL. When the regular season ended three NFL coaches were fired: Rod Marinelli, Romeo Crennel and the big surprise, Eric Mangini. But that was until Shanahan was fired a few days later. …

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Dancing Days


Another week complete, another episode of Lost and BSG in the books and a decent amount of rain. All things considered a pretty decent way to start the weekend. These will be two productive days for me unlike in exactly a week when I’ll be in Happy Valley for graduation weekend. It’s usually rainy during graduation but I’m hoping for …

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32 Days


My honest answer would be “a few years ago” if you asked me when I had edited ‘A Hero in Heaven’. Turns out I only finished it about 14 months ago but that’s how the world of film is. You’re rewarded for your work months if not years after the fact. A perfect example is my new best friend, The …

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