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Buzz’s Girlfriend


One of my fond childhood memories is going SAAC camp every summer back during the elementary school years. I had a great time going to different classes, activities and fun field trips. For exercise we always had a gym class and more often than not we’d play dodgeball. Back then it was an understatement to say I loved playing it… …

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Penn State’s debut was strong with a 41-7 win over Indiana State. But then again, it was Indiana State. The following week we were playing Alabama, last year’s National Champions. Did we have a chance? I think so. We were at home and everyone had a year’s worth of experience under their belt. Unfortunately the QB competition was continuing into …

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I’d maybe not do that.


Favorite weekend of the year?  That’s right, Blue White Weekend finally arrived! The big question mark of every year presented itself. What’s the weather going to be like? Blue White’s are notorious for either  sunny super-sunburn-causing weather or miserable you-build-the-Ark-while I-gather-the-animals weather. Unfortunately it was going to be the latter this year with downpours predicted for Saturday, though nice days for …

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Rolling Shutter

What a weird few weeks. Some of the most dramatic of my life though some good in there too. Without going into too many details, I had some rough times involving some medicine that didn’t agree with me. Thankfully I’m now off the medication and am feeling exponentially better, pretty much back to normal. The only real casualty with that …

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68 State


Rescue Me is finally back after an unusually long break. It seems they made great use of their time as it’s only three episodes in and it’s the best it’s ever been. With the show being planned out with dates for the series finale, much like Battlestar Galactica was, they seem to have a solid idea with where the characters are going. Sometimes Rescue …

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The offseason last year for the Denver Broncos was one for the record books. Firing the coach, hiring a new young coach, trading your Pro Bowl quarterback and having your Pro Bowl wide receiver throw temper tantrums. But surprisingly the Broncos did pretty well last year even though they didn’t make the playoffs. Many speculated only a few wins but …

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Who saw this coming? The Denver Broncos are 5-0 after downing the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots. Of all people Kyle Orton outplayed Tom Brady to win the game too. I guess Coach Josh McDaniels has a plan after all and the team is buying into it. Brandon Marshall has gotten his head back on straight also, catching …

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The Beauty Room


Some days you just can’t find anything to listen to. You could put something on by your favorite band but you’ve heard it so many times lately. Nothing sounds good but you’re not really in a specific mood either. Kind of like dinner some nights when you can’t decide. You want something new but don’t know what. Thankfully something new …

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Let The Right One In


So it’s done. It’s been over a month and I am just barely able to write about it. Jay Cutler is now a Chicago Bear and Dave Grohl is the new Denver Broncos quarterback. Him or Chris Simms. So Dave Grohl is the new quarterback. I sure hope Josh McDaniels knows what he’s doing. It’s a fact that part of …

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Rock Band


After having just finished playing Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield f0r Guitar Hero, my first time ever playing the game, I knew I had to get it. Of course it took me about three months before I actually went through with it. Eventually I settled on Rock Band 2 because of the song list and DLC. No way I’m going to pass …

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