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It’s probably sacrilegious to say it but my favorite Leslie Nielsen movie was Spy Hard. I was young when the first two Naked Gun movies came out and the third one was the first one I came across. As for Spy Hard, a spoof primarily on James Bond and True Lies, it’s safe to say I dug that immediately. It …

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Attack the Block


The house didn’t burn down after the first house party so why not have another? And so it was decided that May 28th, 2011 would be the next house party. The real benefit this time around? It was during Summer instead of during Winter, meaning we could be out on the patio. And wouldn’t you know it? Instead of the …

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Housse de Racket


Housse de Racket, Justice, Phoenix and Daft Punk? Crydamoure and Kitsuné? The French must be eating their Wheaties. Without a doubt there’s a renaissance in their music industry. Phoenix is now mainstream and Grammy winning while Daft Punk produced an amazing soundtrack for Tron Legacy making both more popular and public than they have ever been. Justice has been around …

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Too Many Miracles

It was an interesting thing I realized as I bought tickets to see Phoenix in concert. It had been a year since I last saw them at the Electric Factory but they were touring with the same album, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. No new material had been released by them, meaning I’d be seeing the same concert again. Did I care? …

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32 Days


My honest answer would be “a few years ago” if you asked me when I had edited ‘A Hero in Heaven’. Turns out I only finished it about 14 months ago but that’s how the world of film is. You’re rewarded for your work months if not years after the fact. A perfect example is my new best friend, The …

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