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Where have you been Daft Punk? It’s been almost five years! I’ve found new friends like Digitalism and Justice but you were my first. Your last album came out when I was a Junior in college. Kind of scary. Where have you been Tron? It’s been 28 years! Actually I was never a big fan of Tron. Not until it …

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Just returned from NYC and boy, did I pick the hottest days of the summer to go or what. It was a wondrous trip that began, not surprisingly, in Lewistown. The closest train I could find went through that station, returning me to where we had been filming just weeks earlier. I knew my way around town rightfully so, leaving …

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To Have and Have Not


It’s finally time to discuss the heavy traffic that’s been hitting the site. I recently put up a few Penn State highlights including the Joe Paterno interview on ESPN the morning after it took place. Immediately a link appeared on the front page of causing extreme traffic. The result of it ended up causing the servers to crash around …

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The Gang’s All Here


I’m just happy to be alive after this past week or two. Between classes, tests, projects and the all-consuming Senior Film, things have been very hectic. Last weekend I didn’t do a single fun thing as it was our group’s turn to have the film equipment. We were up early and if I wasn’t at work I was on set …

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The B-Chalf Hat


To backtrack a few weeks to the Ohio State game, I met up with my brother Pete and his friends Jack and Chris from Niskayuna. Obviously not a coincidence that his friends picked the Ohio State game and the OAR concert weekend to visit. As I’m in Stephens Hall with them hanging out, I notice Jack’s hat. Strangest thing I’ve …

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By far that was the best weekend of my life. My brother and I got up bright and early on Friday to be in the audience for Cold Pizza live on ESPN2. It aired 8:00am til 10:00 but we got there at 6:30am to get a good spot. It was still dark out and there was already a decent crowd, …

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