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It’s always easy to tell when it’s election season, there’s flyers, commercials and lawn signs everywhere. Some tend to vote with tunnel vision, straight Republican or Democrat regardless of the candidates. This year there’s somebody new everyone is talking about: After the process of replacing all of the bedroom doors upstairs in the house (now they all close correctly), the …

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Real Estate


With Ambulance LTD being caught up in legal red tape due to their record label’s bankruptcy, most of the band members have moved on to new bands. I’ve lost hope that there will ever be new material released by them and so I’ve been in search of a new band. As with most stories, this one begins with a girl. …

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Penn State’s debut was strong with a 41-7 win over Indiana State. But then again, it was Indiana State. The following week we were playing Alabama, last year’s National Champions. Did we have a chance? I think so. We were at home and everyone had a year’s worth of experience under their belt. Unfortunately the QB competition was continuing into …

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Apple is known for it’s tough stance when it comes to what’s approved for the App Store. Many have been denied with little explanation and others argue how their policies make no sense. And on a very difficult day for many, October 5th, 2011, I noticed something that night in the App Store. I knew it was a rough time …

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My new iPhone was delivered at 2:30pm today and around 5:00pm I was able to test out FaceTime for the first time. Definitely as amazing as it sounds, something out of Minority Report or Star Trek. It’s unbelievable , it really is. Leave it to Steve Jobs to change everything again. Appropriately that’s just about the new motto of the …

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The Box


Tomorrow completes the Apple trifecta for me… when the Fed Ex man arrives I’ll have my Macbook, new Mac Mini and iPhone 4. It’s honestly been a shock to me how long I’ve had my Macbook. I bought it when I graduated college which is amazingly 4 years ago already. Since when I got my first computer I’d always be …

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Reverse Cahill


I realized that lately I’ve been in bed by 10:30pm and asleep around 11, getting a pretty good night’s sleep on a daily basis. At first I couldn’t figure out why because most nights I’m out, more than I’ve ever been since I’ve lived in Philly. But when another friend said the exact same thing we took a look at what …

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Kitsune Tabloid


This post marks five years since I started the blog in the summer of June 2005. Not too shabby. While the site will continue, two of my favorite shows ended for good this past month. The first was 24 which I had been watching since the first season. It got a little rough around the edges during the 6th and 7th …

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Gerty 1.0


It’s done. The surgery was two weeks ago and the benefits have already been more than I was hoping for. First and most important- I can breathe properly. Following that, I can smell and taste better than I could before the surgery however they’re both not 100% yet. Once I’m fully healed, anything still lacking will be due to only …

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Minimum Wage


Around lunchtime I was watching I was watching X2 on Blu-Ray for the first since I bought it. I picked it up while I was in State College while I was in town for Blue/White because it was on sale at Best Buy. Not only that but it came with a free ticket to see Wolverine so I wouldn’t have …

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