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Penn State’s debut was strong with a 41-7 win over Indiana State. But then again, it was Indiana State. The following week we were playing Alabama, last year’s National Champions. Did we have a chance? I think so. We were at home and everyone had a year’s worth of experience under their belt. Unfortunately the QB competition was continuing into …

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It’s probably sacrilegious to say it but my favorite Leslie Nielsen movie was Spy Hard. I was young when the first two Naked Gun movies came out and the third one was the first one I came across. As for Spy Hard, a spoof primarily on James Bond and True Lies, it’s safe to say I dug that immediately. It …

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Can They Do That?


A Far Side comic had two soldiers hiding behind a Medieval castle wall as an army approached and began to attack. THE FIRST TIME ARROWS WERE LIT ON FIRE DURING BATTLE said the caption at the bottom of the strip. One defender was crouched while the other was peering over the wall explaining what he was seeing. He had a …

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Tract House Ginch


It was a Thanksgiving for the books baby, not to mention my first away from home. I wasn’t able to make it back to Niskayuna because I had to work the Friday after, but luckily with so much family in town I was plenty busy. Lots of good food and football, not to mention work, filled my Thursday. The real …

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You Got Served


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the complete East of Jesus nickname list. As the film shoot progressed, people’s skills as well as their names evolved to the next level. The film names for the private areas actually began months ago during the school year. The ‘Den at Ten’ group, made up of mostly filmies, began naming each other’s nether …

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