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Real Estate


With Ambulance LTD being caught up in legal red tape due to their record label’s bankruptcy, most of the band members have moved on to new bands. I’ve lost hope that there will ever be new material released by them and so I’ve been in search of a new band. As with most stories, this one begins with a girl. …

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Sheetz vs Wawa


According to, Niskayuna is: A very rich town near Schenectady in Upstate NY. Most people here make great money, but not everyone. The houses range from small apartments to huge ass mansions. All the kids here are stereotypical and predictable, living out the fantasies of their favorite brain-rotting MTV garbage. They spend their time drinking, doing drugs, and speeding …

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No Roast Beef?

Burgess Penguin

I need to play nice, time for a Nisky story. It’s one of my favorites and is originally told by Dane. My friend Shane used to work part time at this catering place which will remain nameless. They also had a front end that sold sandwiches and the like. Without fail, this crooked old woman would come in every shift …

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Lucky Numbers


A real fortune I got from New China takeout in Niskayuna, NY. I tried calling the Lucky Numbers to see if it was a phone number just in case…

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Who saw this coming? The Denver Broncos are 5-0 after downing the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots. Of all people Kyle Orton outplayed Tom Brady to win the game too. I guess Coach Josh McDaniels has a plan after all and the team is buying into it. Brandon Marshall has gotten his head back on straight also, catching …

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The Rock Obama


What happened? You made Barack Obama angry. When you make Barack Obama angry, he becomes… The Rock Obama. This season of Saturday Night Live has been without a doubt the best in a decade. Every episode has performed well above average and I find myself excited for every Saturday. One thing you can bank on is that if Dwayne “The …

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She did


I’ve got a few good stories though I’m only going to share one. The other two are best told in person… The first begins with one of my best friends from home, Mr. Dawson Grau. I hadn’t spoken to him in a bit and one day last week I IMed him to see how he was doing. He said he …

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That weekend had it all. It started when my parents sold the house and picked out a new one in Boston a few weeks ago. The moving date was set for around July 18th which left me little time. The weekend of June 29th – July 1st seemed to fit best so last Friday I left work a little early …

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Pop! Goes My Heart


As a film major I cannot stand movies like The Notebook and the countless other sporadic chick-flicks. I do, however, have a strange weakness for Hugh Grant. I don’t mean guilty pleasure, I really do mean weakness. It started back in 2002 right when I was going weekly to the movies with my best friend Danielle. I had already seen …

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A Child…


I remember when I was little I went to see Ghostbusters II with my cousins. You remember that movie don’t you? Viggy, Viggy, Viggy, you have been a bad monkey! Yes, Vigo the Carpathian. He scared the living hooha out of me when I was little. Anyway, quite recently there was a major edit due at work. The deadline was …

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