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With Love, Philadelphia XOXO


“Excuse me sir-“ “Sorry, no thanks…” The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) started the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO campaign in Summer 2009 advertising across TV, websites, buses and billboards. Before detailing the numbers, in my opinion I would say it’s been a success on the social front. Many of my friends, myself included, like the billboards and find them smart but clever as well. They …

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Avengers Assemble


Last’s year Philly Comicon was a big success overall as well as for Dane and I. Turns out it’s caught on and bigger celebrities were ready to come next time. And with that the 2012 Comicon was announced with big names far surpassing 2011’s. This year not only had Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth straight from The Avengers, but for the …

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Cops and Globbers


It’s the first day back for the 93.3 WMMR crew in 2012 and it got started real quick. They began by talking about Mayor Nutter’s new term, moving into education and the New Years before landing on the weather… but not before the police became the center of attention. Here’s a clip: You need to install or upgrade Flash Player …

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Braxe and Falke


In April of 2008 I was lucky enough to see Ambulance LTD live at North Star Bar in Philly. Before the concert I was enjoying a few drinks with Megan, Michael and Liz. There were a few TV’s on and while we enjoyed our beverages a funny thing happened which I wrote about back in 2008: While it looked like …

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A Thousand Details


Dreams can be very stressful if you ask me. Some mornings I wake up thanking the dear and fluffy lord that all just didn’t happen. Other mornings it’s the opposite, cursing at the sky that it was only in my mind. Regardless of a dream or nightmare sometimes you’re not going to remember what it was about. Even if you …

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Conan & Conshohocken


What does it take for me to name a post after Conshohocken? Rockslides, mudslides, earthquakes, hurricanes and twisters. To put Conan O’Brien in the title? Takes nothing at all, who wouldn’t put Conan? It’s all about the strange weather and (minor) natural disasters. Philadelphia’s encounter with Hurricane Irene was mostly a dud. But last night we were surprised with a …

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