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I suppose it was only a matter of time. Starting with the appearance of the Z3 Roadster in the 1995 James Bond movie Goldeneye, BMW’s have always had my full attention. There have been many teases throughout the years including two more BMW featured Bond movies and a middle school teacher who had a Z4 roadster. It had always been a …

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Buzz’s Girlfriend


One of my fond childhood memories is going SAAC camp every summer back during the elementary school years. I had a great time going to different classes, activities and fun field trips. For exercise we always had a gym class and more often than not we’d play dodgeball. Back then it was an understatement to say I loved playing it… …

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Sheetz vs Wawa


According to, Niskayuna is: A very rich town near Schenectady in Upstate NY. Most people here make great money, but not everyone. The houses range from small apartments to huge ass mansions. All the kids here are stereotypical and predictable, living out the fantasies of their favorite brain-rotting MTV garbage. They spend their time drinking, doing drugs, and speeding …

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Car Sauna


First off, it’s summertime so this is the perfect time to enjoy Lostprophets. Their music usually involves the summer and how much fun they were when you were younger. The days of playing outside and going to camp are over but the heat remains. Did I say remains? I mean doubles! It’s been insanely hot and humid lately, to the …

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Port Sky Cafe


This is going to sound really mean, especially for me, but keep in mind we had good reason. It’s another story from first floor Maple Hall, freshman year at Penn State. TJ’s cousin, who’s name escapes me, was in the military and while on leave came to stay with him for the weekend. We had a great floor and were …

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Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.


How about a trip to NYC and a Yankees game? I told Colleen to count me in! A room at the New Yorker was booked and a few weeks later we were on our way. She had tickets to the game from work and figured a little tourism wouldn’t hurt either. We planned on getting to 30th Street Station for …

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Attack the Block


The house didn’t burn down after the first house party so why not have another? And so it was decided that May 28th, 2011 would be the next house party. The real benefit this time around? It was during Summer instead of during Winter, meaning we could be out on the patio. And wouldn’t you know it? Instead of the …

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What You Know


It wasn’t a good weekend for ID’s. Nicole’s coming to visit. Kristi’s coming too. Kristi’s not coming. Smerg and Maria are coming also too. Now Kristi is as well. Friday? Thursday. No, Friday. But Nicole Thursday. Hmph. I just roll with it. But going back to Fri night, around 6pm everyone had gathered at my house with the exception of Colleen …

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The Gentle Hum of Anxiety


I kept hearing how this winter was going to be a quiet one after last year’s wild snow storms. I was hoping for the best albeit remaining hugely skeptical. Naturally it turned out to be quite a winter again and we’re all unsure if it’s even over. Rather than major snowstorms it’s mostly been an often few inches here and …

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