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Hesitation Marks

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August had two of my favorite things mixed into one, a Live Rifftrax of Starship Troopers. It was the result of Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett’s attempt to get a live riff of Twilight in the theaters through Kickstarter. They raised above and beyond their set amount but weren’t able to secure the rights as Twilight was …

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Random Access Memories


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon even though I found myself in New Jersey. But it was for good reasons, I was trading my 2007 BMW 530xi in for a 2013 BMW 328. While my 530xi was doing good, it wasn’t under warranty and I knew it’d need some new tires, brakes and maintenance soon. While I find the E60 …

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As usual, following the Philly Auto Show is the Philly International Flower Show. This year’s theme was England featuring everything Queen, Country and The Beatles. The show was impressive and had some very neat layouts though sometimes I wish you could actually get closer to them than they allow. Sticking with the theme of flowers, I came across a fantastic …

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Kavinsky Outrun Lp

As I’ll say time and time again, there’s nothing better than finding new music. I recently came across Kavinsky, another French musician who adds to their monopoly in great music. Similar to Justice or Mr Oizo, Kavinsky has a familiar sound but focuses on an 80’s themes and often features a Ferrari Testarossa. He recently released his new album “OutRun” …

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With Love, Philadelphia XOXO


“Excuse me sir-“ “Sorry, no thanks…” The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) started the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO campaign in Summer 2009 advertising across TV, websites, buses and billboards. Before detailing the numbers, in my opinion I would say it’s been a success on the social front. Many of my friends, myself included, like the billboards and find them smart but clever as well. They …

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When I first bought my house and Dave moved in, it worked out perfectly because I had no living room or dining room furniture. Upon his moving out at the end of September I found myself needing to buy my first sofa. During all of the mattress shopping I kept my eye on furniture and was ready to go when …

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Real Estate


With Ambulance LTD being caught up in legal red tape due to their record label’s bankruptcy, most of the band members have moved on to new bands. I’ve lost hope that there will ever be new material released by them and so I’ve been in search of a new band. As with most stories, this one begins with a girl. …

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My love for Sheetz is known to all that have met me. If they’re a friend who’s local sometimes it leads into a Sheetz vs. Wawa discussion. Because of that I wrote a post comparing the two however almost exactly a year after writing it someone from Sheetz read it. Turns out it was Ashley Sheetz, obviously part of the …

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Avengers Assemble


Last’s year Philly Comicon was a big success overall as well as for Dane and I. Turns out it’s caught on and bigger celebrities were ready to come next time. And with that the 2012 Comicon was announced with big names far surpassing 2011’s. This year not only had Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth straight from The Avengers, but for the …

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Three Octaves Of Jim


One thing Professor Frank Clemente spoke about during Soc 005 was the Rules of Drinking. He stressed that college is a time to learn about life and yourself, including how to drink. For me, I learned that after a lot of alcohol I should eat something and drink water before bed. Many people already know to do this, but what …

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